The Rocks of Biri: Otherworldly

The Rock Formation in Biri defines the entire province of Northern Samar. That’s the high point of a trip to that part of the Visayas. It’s just too sad that it isn’t as popular or visited as other landmarks like Bohol’s Chocolate Hills or the lake in Taal. Believe me, it’s spectacular. Nothing is as dreamy in the archipelago.

The locals describe the gigantic rocks as the “battle of the gods”, formed through the ages by crashing waves, fierce storms, the heat, quakes and strong winds. Everything’s carved out by nature to cinematic proportions.

Our guide tells us that there are four drop-off points after a ten-minute motorbike ride from Biri proper. There’s a specific time of day that’s ideal for every point. We chose the farthermost point – Bel-at – at 4pm. The tide was low, the conditions weren’t as turbulent. Plus, it wasn’t so hot late in the day.

Just a few travel tips:

  • Bring 15 pesos for the bike ride, and 200 for the tourist fee.
  • Walk slowly on the loooong footbridge that takes you to the Bel-at rocks. Look down the whole time. The planks aren’t even and not attached closely together.
  • Have a guide who knows the trail and who’ll help you tread and climb up the slippery rocks.
  • Swimwear, of course. There’s a natural lagoon you can swim in. You can’t swim in the ocean, though. Much too dangerous.
  • Wear aquasocks. Slippers would get you bruised.
  • Forget everything but your camera.
  • the bridge to the troubled waters
    the bridge to the troubled waters
    under the bridge
    under the bridge

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