The Lulugayan Misadventure

Remember the times when mom would tell you to finish a meal that you don’t like, and make you feel guilty about kids who aren’t as lucky and have nothing to eat? The same concept applies to travelling. When something goes awry, always think about someone who’s worse off, one who’s having more miserable misadventures.  Something didn’t go according to plan in our recent Samar adventure.

But there’s something about Northern Samar that makes you zen. There, life is really slow. No traffic jams to stress you out. The people are gentle and trustworthy. The scenery is beautiful. No ugly billboards. Maybe it’s the abundant nutrients from Samar seafood that supports overall metabolism. Samar makes you kinder.

Last Sunday, we woke up early for the trek to Lulugayan Falls near Bobon. Motorbikes picked us up at our resort and took us riding through the countryside. Can’t get more rural than this. I loved it.

 After the ten-minute bike ride, we got off and started the trek through the woods. It felt like a scene from Brillante Mendoza’s “Captive” where the Abu Sayaff were herding the French captives through the forests of Mindanao.

The hike wasn’t too long – about 15 minutes in all. But it was hot. The trail was narrow and quite slippery. The hard part was keeping ourselves quiet. The locals told us not to talk loudly lest we upset the spirits inhabiting the enchanted forrest.


When we got to the top for the falls, this was what we saw.

A slab of stone. It was dry. Not a drop of water. The locals told us to come back during the rainy season.

Sigh. After all that effort. So, we took more pictures. We didn’t complain. It’s all about perspective, really.  At least I wasn’t that person whose wallet had just been stolen by the Niagara.