Skiing: A Pinoy’s Pain

This much I know – I hate skiing. Because I cannot. And will never know how.

Let’s start with the gear. The clothes are heavy, prickly, too many. It’d be much easier to don a suit of armor. And those boots! It’s like wearing a heavier mound of plaster of Paris. The worst part is having to walk the stairs to go to the toilet in those boots. I wanted to scream “get out of the way” in Japanese to the kids and elderly who were holding on the handrail.

Those damn kids were gliding by me graciously on the slopes. That really pissed me off.   They were more agile and fearless. When you’re past 50, anything that your wobbly knees can’t control is cause for death.

I’ve seen Erwan Heussaff on his IG account, swooping and jumping on the snowy mountains of Niseko in Hokkaido. I could tell he loved the freedom. Freedom? I can find that on the beaches of Bohol.

Yet, I can claim I enjoyed the snow in Sapporo. The drive to the Ban Kei resort took all of 20 minutes from the city. Snow wasn’t falling when we left the hotel. When we were nearing the resort, snow started falling heavily. It was our Shining moment. Jack Nicholson’s drive to the Overlook hotel came to mind. The road bends and bends to a landscape that’s all white.   At that point, I was happy to be far away from home, in a land that’s so different from home.

By the way, we arranged the trip to the resort an hour before we took it. That’s why I love about Japan. It’s always ready to make tourists happy. However spur-of-the-moment, the arrangements were so organized. A car picked us up at the hotel, brought us to the resort, and picked us up five hours later. The cost covered transport, ski gear rental, four hours of skiing and lunch.

This view was priceless.

Would I go to another ski resort in Hokkaido? Of course! The view’s awesome. I’d go back for the sub-zero Sapporo Beer, too, as I watch those nimble little brats in envy.