People-Watching at the Taj

I GoPro’d it, Lumixed it, shot it from every possible angle, from varying vantage points.  The Taj is now the one landmark I have most pictures of.  After Taj fatigue, I thought the tourists in Agra were as interesting as the Taj itself.  Why not shoot pics of people?

First is a series of “I’m holding it up” poses.  Almost everyone was doing the obligatory Eiffel gesture.  Their equivalent of “I’m pushing the Leaning Tower” pose.  I hoped they nailed it.


Next, their beautiful garb.  No other country in the world has a more amazing mix of traditional wear than India (or maybe other than Japan).  It’s nice to see their women use it for everyday wear, not just during cultural presentations.  The dyes, the silks, the long unstitched saris, the intricate ear jewelries, the diversity — everything is still vivid to me as the whiteness of the palace itself.

Some friends in our group mourned that there were just too many people, that they wished there were less so they could take in the romance and grace of the Taj.  That would never happen.  So just take it all in.  Embrace the colors of India.  Watch an authentic parade of national costumes.