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The crazy, beautiful vibe at Prado Farms

I’ve known the family that runs Prado Farms in Lubao Pampanga since the 70s. One of the kids I went to school with in Don Bosco Pampanga through Ateneo. But I had not set foot in their Lubao home, until last Saturday’s children’s party for cute little Dia, despite several invitations in the past.   I knew I was in for a treat since I always thought that the Ocampo-Gutierrez was one of the most uniquely creative families in the country.

Their aesthetic is folksy, Pinoy, whimsical, unconventional, un-trendy, crazy. At Prado, they took it a step further – everything is junk made artsy.

This 6-hectare property used to be all sugarcane until the old man Hugo built a home for the large brood, and set up an LPG refilling business. He planted every tree that remains lush and tall in Prado. A few years ago, they converted the rest of the property into a camp/resort/retreat-house/resto/conference-venue/hotel.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a surge in local tourism developments in places that weren’t at all touristy. In that part of Western Pampanga, Prado Farms is a gem.   A must for people who want a quick getaway from the metro, and those who want to imbibe a sense of history through innumerable pieces of art and curiosities. It’s also a great resource for interior design ideas. And for the lechon! Everything served here is organic. The native pigs only feed on arugula and bananas.

Yesterday, we were with Finn, a four-year-old who lives in the Makati business district. It must be his first time to see carabaos, cows, ducks, pigs and goats feeding and lazying around in their natural habitat. He had so much fun. I did, too. Farm life just makes everyone happy.

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You can’t just walk in.  Call for reservations –  Prado Siongco, Lubao, Pampanga.  Tel. Nos.: 400-2185, 0920-9030964

a mosaic of LPG tanks greet, junk, colorAn air-conditioned hall made out of materials used in an old Pangasinan train stationa study full of odditiesthe path to the hotelfacade of the main dining hallmain dining hall where organic lechon is served.more found art:  a caro used in religious processions

where religious services are held; sometimes, yoga Ifugao rice granary turned altarmish mash.  perfect for chill, or breakout love the ride!